Facebook Landing Pages

Are facebook pages becoming the new websites for small business? Social Media is becoming increasingly more important for companies to include in their marketing campaigns. This also this allows access to the users demographic/contact information and regardless of engagement.

It is very important how do you greed your new Fans and introduce yourself to them. It will tell them more about you as a brand or business and it will be a great beginning of the journey between you and new person approaching your profile.

You can appload applications which will help you to create a TAB with Welcome Page. You will have two options: you can go for very standard graphic / photo welcome page which is easy to upload and will allowed you to add some changes, or if you poses more knowledge, you can create your own custom tab with an iFrame application. This option will allowed you to create anything what normally you will create for website, but instead will be designs for Facebook. It’s definitely not an easy attempted and it requites not only HTML knowledge, but also information of designing application for Facebook. There is a lot of great website or even books that may help you in this challenge.

By using costume Welcome Page you can insert more information  about yourself, your business; you can add videos, tutorials. You can even hide all the content from viewing and make it secret till someone press Like and becomes your Fans. Many brands seams to use this option offering discounts or promotion in exchange for Likes and gaining more Fans. Get some concepts to your landing page from this selection – 26 Great Facebook Landing Page Examples.

If you lack graphic designing skills you can try to use Pagemodo, a program that helps create FB Pages easy to make without coding.

Below you can find example of graphics to Landing Pages which are created for big retail brands, magazines. There are made in order for small business, boutiques who wants to make their Facbeook Page look more professional.

The main thing to remember while creating them is firstly to do a research based on other companies, brands you work with to see what are the trends like, other is to try to integrate a touch of your style, brand management and information that is related to your business. Some people think is better to create a simple designs just with the company logo. Others prefer to insert into them your website and a bit copyrighting. What ever you choose try to learn from others and choose what suits you best and what you like the most.

Here are some ideas of Facebook Fan Pages by HubSpot, inbound marketing software to help businesses generate more leads online. See their list of  20 Examples of Great Facebook Fan Pages. They selected many brands with eye catching Facebook Pages, like Harley-Davidson, Doritos,

These designs which I created for Pure Marie, are reflecting style of the business of lingerie and clothing boutique. As a company we wanted to make them fun, feminine and showing in what company is specializing. I crated few examples to have bigger choice and see what colours are reflecting the most the company’s profile.

Facebook Welcome Page for Pure Marie

Facebook Welcome Page for Pure Marie

According to Zest Digital, who offer the complete digital marketing solution to ambitious SMEs, providing measurable ROI; “even the very smallest of local businesses can benefit from a custom branded Facebook page”. Read their blog post about “Why your business needs a Welcome Page?”.


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